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Situated in the heart of Tanzania‚ Dodoma is the official capital of Tanzania. It has a population of over 400‚000 people making it the fourth largest city in Tanzania and it is home to the country’s Bunge parliament building.

Dodoma has a rich agricultural society and a budding wine industry‚ with small-scale farming being most dominant in the city. The sun-bathed landscape is impressive with a Safari feel to it. It has an abundance of sunshine all year round making for the ultimate outdoor experience. A drive around the city’s 999 square mile area during your holiday is definitely worth it.

Dodoma enjoys a diverse ethnic mix of people‚ including the Gogo (from which the name Dodoma is coined meaning ‘It has sunk’)‚ Rangi‚ Sandawe and also an Indian minority. There is an air of freedom and independence around the city that dates back to its anti-slavery position in the slave-trade era of the country.

The most standout architectural feature in the city is the Ismaili mosque also called the Jamatkhana mosque which is adjacent to the Anglican Church. Built in 1954‚ its design is impressive with a distinct neoclassical style. The Dodoma cathedral is also a fine architectural piece and its location alongside the Ismaili mosque is a symbol of the religious tolerance and peace found in the city.

The most outstanding natural landmark of the city is by far the beautiful and well-named Lion Rock‚ which is also called the Simba hill‚ it brings memories of the famous cartoon‚ the Lion King. The rock gives an elevated view of Dodoma and is quite a breathtaking attraction. It is a favourite destination for families and friends.

Dodoma Airport

You can get to Dodoma by flying into its main airport – Dodoma Airport. The airport is located at the center of the city and you can easily get a taxi for transfer to your destination. As Salaam Air operates flights to Dodoma from destinations in Tanzania such as Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar.

When To Go

Dodoma is usually warm all year round due to the semi-arid climate‚ you can visit any time of the year. However‚ The best time to visit Dodoma is during the dry season from May to October‚ when you can indulge in some exciting outdoor activities